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59+ Tinder Bio For Guys-Short, Funny And Best

Hey guys, tinder bio for guys here. As you know tinder is a dating app where people look through profiles and swipe right if they are interested in that person. If the other party swipes right too then you get matched with them and can start talking! I'm sure many of you have had success on tinder - but what about those who haven't? We all know tinder bios are important to help make someone stand out from the crowd so we've written up a few tips to help you find your own tinder bio for guys: try to be funny or quirky include a picture of yourself list your interests Best tinder bio for guys I am a boy who loves to drink tea I like a tingle, but I'm not tinder'n for love I'll be the first to admit that my tinder bio is quite absurd if you're feeling tired and lazy - swipe right on me! Or perhaps you have an even better tinder bio? My bio reflects my personality - I am quite honest If you're mad, tinder me and we'll tingle :) I don't like to be too

101+ Tinder Bios For Girls-Best, Witty and Simple

A tinder bio is the first thing people will see when they look at your profile. It can make or break you. So it's important to have a tinder bio that will make sure people swipe right. Check out these tinder bios for girls and pick one that is perfect for you! Best tinder bio for girls Tinderella is looking for her prince ____? Hey there, we didn't match but you seem cool! Let's be friends and make fun of tinders terrible jokes together ;) I am the only girl in a house full of boys I'm not tinder material. I can't even handle ____ You are seeing the tinder bio of a tinderella This tinder bio is for the people who are looking for love on tinder. ___ __ _ I'm sorry if I matched with you and all our conversations have been me telling you to stop texting me, but it's just really bad right now :( Hi! My name is ______ and tinder is the best thing in my life I'm here for a tindritch match, I'll have you know. Ready to swipe? This tinder bio was made by ___