80+ [Emotional] Missing Husband Quotes

Missing Husband Quotes

Missing Husband Quotes

You love him and think a lot about him. Don't you? And you do want to hold your husband close and never let him go anywhere. But the reality is we face separations someday in our lives. Our husbands tend to take care of many things. So they could, now and then, have to take a trip away from home. These are the moments when you might feel so sad and so desperately miss your husband. Inform him that he lives in your heart. He is with you everywhere, no matter how many distances you have between them.

Let him know that the affection you have for him will not be diminished by distance. Try to ask him to come back earlier. He might stay busy with his company and other things all day long, but if you keep sending him those romantic, touchy, and lovely texts, I miss you, he'll indeed feel the love you have for him and feel fortunate to have such a wife.

In your married life, reawaken the romance by letting your hubby know how much you miss him when he's not around. Do that by poking him wherever he is with romantic quotes. 


Missing Husband Quotes

1. Some days, when I look at my pictures, and we're laughing together, those images are blowing air from inside me, and I'm looking into space, hoping you'll collapse on the next trip.

2. My mind dreams about you, my eyes search for you, but in my busy days and sleepless nights, my heart says you are with me. I miss you a lot!

3. The sun still shines in the morning, and the moon still lits up the night sky. Yet your absence is what leaves my days incomplete. I miss the dear husband of yours!

4. My soul feels hollow when we're not together. My heart feels numb; my feelings are getting shallow. Like a rainbow of no shades, like music with no rhythm, being away from you is the darkest time in my life—Miss you, darling.

5. From inside, I'm hurting. I feel so sad that I lost words. I miss you, really bad, really bad. 

Missing Husband Quotes

6. The family misses each time you are gone, your children miss their dad, and I miss my soul mate.

7. Seeing the rain outside the window makes me feel like calling you back from work while sipping on a hot cuppa and snuggling up with you in a blanket. I miss you, honey.

8. Since you are gone, a sky full of stars no longer amazes me. Nothing without you seems remarkable. Soon to come back. You're without me!

9. Since the moment you were with me became a need, losing you became a torment. Without you, I can't take the isolation. Miss you!

10. On dull summer midday, you're like the cooling breeze. Yet summer feels a bit too long this year. I am missing you so much, darling!

11. Only God knows my suffering when I have you not in my sight—Miss you, sweetheart. 

12. From dark purples to light blues, my world, when I miss you, is submerged in the saddest of hues.

13. The sun requires no excuse to smile, the moon needs no reason to shine, the stars need no reason to twinkle, and I need no reason to miss my husband.

14. I wish I had a spell of magic to get you here. I wish I could have teleported myself so that we could be together. I wish I had time to turn around, but I wouldn't let you go. I wish I could stop missing you to keep my heart from grieving. 

15. I'm down with a fever called Missing You, which can only be relieved by healthy doses of embraces and cuddles with my husband. I miss you, darling.

16. All I want is you, not even your photos, texts, calls, and the scent of your shirt. I want you. My heart is missing you so much, my darling.

17. Missing you makes me sad and lonely, but it also reminds me of how lucky I am to be married to the most incredible man I've ever known. Without you, I am nothing.

18. No one knows how much agony I feel when you're the one I miss. No one will see how profoundly I suffocate because the oxygen I'm gasping for is yours. Your wife is missing you.

19. Spending days in your absence are the worst, but I will always wait for you.

20. Distance doesn't matter when the roots of a relation are strong. Miss you honey


Missing Husband Quotes on his birthday

Birthdays are an extraordinary occasion in our life. But sometimes this big day of a particular person becomes heartwarming due to his absence. We miss them a lot on their birthdays, and it also makes us emotional.

Every wife wants to make it a memorable birthday for her husband. The first step is to establish some wonderful birthday wishes to your husband to support him. Desires exist in our hearts forever, and they make our relationships stronger. None is more influential than the correct blend of words to express your feelings and thoughts of missing him on his birthday, mainly as you wish for your loved ones. So if you took some time to put some more consideration into your wishes for his birthday, it would help.

To help you do that, we have come up with some unforgettable and memorable wishes for your husband's special day! Please read on and choose a desire that portrays what is best for you.


1. Distance will only make love more powerful. I know you feel it as well. Happy birthday my beloved hubby. Love you, honey

2. Happiest birthday to my handsome husband, whom I dearly miss and wish to be right next to me. I'm waiting anxiously for the day when this gap will inevitably become a thing of the past! I need some of your big fuzzy embraces and soft kisses on my forehead. I wish you a beautiful birthday, my darling. 

3. I wish you the most loving birthday. I could be there to spend your birthday with you, but I hope it is still happy and fabulous for you. Happy Birthday my Love 

4. Even you are away from me; I hope that you'd have a fantastic day. Happy Birthday 

The distance between us might seem scary, but you will realize that a long-distance relationship is strong and healthy if you look back. Happy birthday, darling.

5. Distance is a test to see how far our love can travel. Happy Birthday, Honey. Enjoy your day.

6. Happy birthday my dear. May this be the last birthday we celebrate apart from each other. Enjoy your special day to the fullest.

7. I will kiss you a thousand times on FaceTime tonight as I miss you a lot, my love. Happy Birthday 

you are worth every mile between us; celebrate your most significant day to the fullest 

8. I should spend your birthday dreaming that you are here to wipe away all the silent tears. May this day bring loads of happiness to your life.

9. The distances are nothing between us but what we have is love between us; what if you are far? You are my love blast wishing you a Happy Birthday, my lovely husband. 

10. Happy birthday honey.no matter if we cannot celebrate this day together, our hearts are still together. Every inch of myself is missing you.

11. Though miles may come between us, you will never be far from my heart. Happy Birthday. 

Your love has completed my life, and I know that I'll always be right there by your side.

12. Happy birthday, dear, No words can express how much I am missing you. My happiness lies where you live, dear husband.

13. I can see your happy face if I shut my eyes. You've been away from home, but never far from my mind. Happy birthday, hubby.

The hardest thing ever is losing someone and not being able to see them. Happy birthday, honey. I wish we could have a day together to celebrate.

14. On this glorious day, I want to be happy, but my heart can't stop missing you on your birthday. Come back soon. Happy birthday my life.

15. Happy birthday, sweetheart. The whole world seems unimportant if you are not around and everything seems useless, that's why I'm giving you this letter, so you'll know that you're missing from far away.

16. It is strange to be out of town on your birthday. It's not a big deal, I know you said, but I can't help feeling like I'm supposed to be there with you. I have a particular date scheduled for us to make up for those absent today.


Romantic Missing Husband Quotes

If you miss your husband, so let him know. The perfect way to tell him how much you miss him and how much he means to you is lovely sweet messages on the phone or social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Let him know how without him, his girl feels lost and how badly she needs to hug and kiss him. He is the one who is next to you, and you want to be with him. From this romantic conversation, don't back up. Any time you feel sad, you can make him feel special, as he is the only for whom you care. By saying lovely and loving quotations and missing your dreams, show your affection. This post includes all the material you need that is important. We hope this is where you find everything you need. For you, a loving and nurturing friendship that you share with your husband is valuable. Yet there are plenty of things you want to say when he's away from you, and a missed message gives words to your feelings. It always adds pleasure to your relationship, and it also makes your bond deeper when you give him a romantic miss you letter describing your thoughts to him.


1. You mean the world to me. I am missing you, my boy.

2. It sounds like I haven't spoken to you in years if I don't hear from you in a single day. We miss you so much. Where are you located? My friend, come to me!

3. The distances between us have to make our relationship strong. I miss you so much, darling.

4. These gaps between us have swept my life's joy away. My life has become useless and pointless. It would help if you filled my life with vivid colours. I was hoping you could come back and take me with me as you kiss me. I miss you. I'm desperate to see you, too.

5. I'm in agony, and you're not going to share it with me. Somewhere, my smile is lost, and you're not here to find out. I miss you so much, and your warm hugs will make me happy. Come back soon.

My heart giggles as it talks of you, but when you are gone, it aches. Happiness swallows me when you're here, but when you're not, I fall victim to sorrow. 

6. If just dreaming of you and saying your name would have been a prayer, it would have been better than my place in heaven.

7. Once again, I am going through our last conversation. I'm looking at your photographs. In your social circle, I even stalk you. You remember, when I miss you, these are my routines.

8. Missing you would help me go through our last WhatsApp chats and make me smile at how happy we are together.

9. You have a wife who is desperate to see you and is going through this email.

10. It's challenging and breathtaking to force myself to stop thinking about you. I simply cannot.

11. Time seems to move slower when you're missing someone, and when I fall in love with someone, time seems to move faster.

12. The memories we shared come back, but you never did. Honey, I am missing you so much.

13. I miss your sweet smile, I miss your gentle voice, and I miss your caring touch. I miss YOU.

14. I don't miss you because, without you, I feel lonely. But I miss you because like a thousand stars, your presence will light up my life!

15. Missing you is part of my routine every day. You are so precious to me that when I am thinking about you, I forget the whole world! Love you, my sweetheart!

16. When I'm with you, my days are more romantic. You're making my days full of happiness. You're finishing me. You're missing me!

17. You're the one I want to see through my eyes; my ears want to hear, my lips want to whisper. More than anything, I love you. Miss you very much.

18. It would be a lot brighter every morning if you were next to me. It would have been more romantic every night if you were with me here. You're missing me!

19. When I miss you, I think of the memories that we have in common. But then I end up still missing you more!


Missing Husband Quotes

Pregnancy is a very wonderful and emotional experience in a woman's life, but considering how much she can enjoy it, it may also be one of the most difficult. 

She feels many changes when she becomes a mother. She becomes emotional about little things. 

She may feel tearful or quickly annoyed and have sudden mood swings, and in this period, she needs her husband by her side. But sometimes, due to some emergency when you both are parted, it becomes the most sentimental time for women, especially those who are pregnant, as they become more sensitive. You miss your husband a lot. 

So girls inform him about how much you are missing him by sending heart arming missing quotes and messages.


1. We are missing you, darling. Your baby and I are waiting for you to come back soon.

2. When the night is quiet, I feel so upset due to your absence. Your baby inside me hits me to inform me that he is also missing you.

3. I miss you when you are not by my side and feel so depressed, but I have another reason to fight for it today. I can do anything to make you and our baby proud of me.

4.An angel has been sent to us by the Lord, who is now growing in my womb. My happiness will be full when both of us take her in our arms.

5. Sometimes I feel so upset and down without you, but then I realize that a part of you is being carried in my tummy. 

6. Inside me, two hearts beat for you.

7. The nine months of pregnancy are a way of God's telling that she can enslave her husband. Miss you darling. Come back soon.

8. From now on, I can not see you with my eyes, I cannot touch you; but in my heart, I feel you, and in my belly, our little one.

9. I miss you when I'm distressed by something, particularly nausea and vomiting because you're the one who cares so much about me.

10. I wish you were here so I can show you our little one's movements inside.

11.Stop and smile wherever you are, whatever you do, because we both miss and think of you.

Missing Husband in Heaven

Missing Husband Quotes

Moving through the loss of your beloved husband is not easy. It takes time, and everyone's path to recovery is unique. Everyone is different, and occasionally the road can be more than we can handle. Being parted forever is the immense cruelty of fate, but we should be thankful for the time that we spent together and to know that they are in a better position in heaven. And if it's never easy to miss a loved one, the right counselling and advice will help you get through it.

Here are some uplifting, sympathetic, and inspirational quotes about losing a loved one to help you cope.


1. Now, what would I do? I miss you now as never before, But I must let you go, I will always remember you, and I need you to know this.

2. My heart breaks with sorrow for the one I love. Goodbye until we meet again. You will be in my heart forever.


3. I keep myself occupied with the things I do, but I still think of you every time I stop.

4. I think I'm going to miss you forever, as the stars in the morning sky miss the sun.

5. The most challenging thing to accept is losing someone. It's easy to remember you; I do it every day. Missing you is a heartbreak that never goes away.

6. Honestly, I missed you today, and that's how I'm going to spend my remaining life.

7. Love doesn't die because of death. Love is like a liquid; it seeps into the lives of others as it pours out.

8. Love alters shape and form and gets into all that. Death does not overcome everything; Love does.

9. Every single moment, love wins. By lasting until the end, love wins. By loving more, loving again, loving without fear, love wins.

10. I miss you. People say that people get more comfortable with every fibre of my being but don't know what they're talking about every day w you without harder than the previous one.

11. I cannot imagine a day that passes, and  I don't think of you. Every waking moment of my life is full of your thoughts; I miss the way you make me laugh. I miss the dumb things you do.

12. I look at the stars in the memories of you. I would owe the world anything to hear your voice again.

13.No one can understand my feelings about how much I miss you since we are parted. It seems my whole world has been snatched from me. 

Every day and not as bright as the birds still seeing the flowers grow in the wind still whispers two, but it will never be the same word without you.  

14. When someone we love could not walk beside us every day, unseen and unheard, but still close, so cherished, so blessed, so dear.

15. When I say your name, I cover my tears. The pain in my heart is still the same. No one in this whole world could ever miss you as I do.

16. I will look for moments packed with you for the rest of my life.

17. You don't cross my mind. You exist in it all the time.

18. I'm drowning tonight in the memories of the moments spent with you. It seems my heart would stop pumping due to this pain.

19. You are not beyond words and missed beyond measure. Your life was a blessing for our kids and me. 

20. I wish I could see you come through the door one more time, but I know that I can't hear your voice and it kills me from inside.

21. The tragedy of grief is that the individual you need to speak to about how you feel is the individual who is no longer here.


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