70+ Vintage Car Quotes For Instagram { Pick Your Best One For Your love One- Trending }


Vintage car lovers tend to post car pictures to friends, Instagram, Twitter to prove that they have an antique and classic car. Posting them require catchy and attractive captions. Some of the best quotes for your vintage cars you can use to show off are below.


1. In a car alone, a long drive immediately reveals that you face the essence of boredom.

2. Only those who have felt it will understand the love between a man and his car.

3. Give a car to a man: he'll be happy for a day. Offer a man a wife; he'll be satisfied at night; he'll give a man a woman who loves cars; he'll be happy in existence.

4. Not looking back is the hardest part of going forward.

5. In silence, work hard, let the noise being created by performance.

6. You can't buy the money, but you can buy the rims, the coil-overs, the camber kit, the turbo kit, and it's the same thing.

7. The best therapy is always a long drive with good music and good company.

8. Instead of impressing a girl, I would prefer to own a vintage car.

9. Through my attitude and my car, I chase after the world.

10. Having a car isn't a dream. The important thing is how your journey tells you to see it. I still trust my dream car instead of you.

11. A vintage car is still my first love, a lovely car.

12. The cars that we drive say a lot about us.

13. You hurt my heart when you pull my car.

14. I love to quickly drive a slow car, then slowly drive a fast car.

15. I couldn't find the sports car I dreamed of, so I designed it for myself.

 16. I'm not going to become a new school, and I'm a classic. I'm not an old school. There are many new cars out there and many old cars out there, but I'm just doing what I do as a classic guy.

17. I love old cars that have a retro style, a kind of antique look. I'm just more in tune with that, more than anything else.

18. I don't buy fur coats or jewels. I have antique vehicles.

19. Ambition is the dream of the Jaguar E-Type.

20. An expression of my inner feelings is the way I treat a car.

21. My only addiction is antique vehicles.

22. An animal with a thousand modifications is a classic car.

23. Vintage cars bring me utter happiness.

24. The value should not ever go out of style.

25. Cars such as Chevrolet Corvette and Lamborghini Miura are the beautiful stuff.

 26. They'll last if you take care of cars.

 27. There's nothing terrific than a classic car.

 28. In silence, do hard work and let your new vintage car make some noise.

 29. I'm not praying for anything, and I'm working for the stuff that I like.

 30. Start and take a ride out of your classy car.

 31. Just feel your car's retro style, drive it, and then show it.

 32. Your vehicle is your attitude, so show the world your classy attitude.

33. Twenty-eight. I'm in love with the latest Jaguar E Type babe.

34. I don't usually give stuff a name, but I can call you my attitude after buying you.

35. If you're chasing your dreams now, people will chase you tomorrow.

 36. Purchasing an antique car is more interesting.

 37. A car isn't going to change your life, but your attitude will undoubtedly change.

38. My car is my pride, and I will not risk it.'

39. If you can't take care of your car, don't buy it for yourself.

40. Treat your car well, and it'll never give you a single problem after that.

41. Engine oil is a favorite drink for my lovely car.

42. The day I entered the world was the same day that my car entered my life.

43.  Between me, my car, and the one who loves me, there will always be a love triangle.

44. I'm going to make sure this car doesn't cause me or anyone else to get into a crisis.

45. More than anything else, giving my father a car passed me satisfaction.

46. Anything can be unloved, but not your hard-earned car.

47. There's a scratch on your car, but I feel the pain.

48. To me, my car is like a member of a family.

49. The only thing that'll be there in your rough times is the car.

50. A vehicle is often the lowest credit receiver.

51. There's no elegance in new cars, I guess.

52. I never trust in love at first sight, but my car proved me wrong.

53. It's time, with my old babe, to hit the road. 

54. My eyes can't believe that you're in the building.

55. In our cars, we have many memories.

56. Oh, hello, town! Get ready to take on your roads with my beauty.

57. They go for those who can afford it. Cars are selfish.

58. Buy the car that you want, drive down the road that you want.  Everything I like here is a friend of mine and my antique car.

 59. Girls are drawn to me by my vintage car.

60. Cars aren't my imagination, and they're my reality.

 61. You are an emotional person if you love your car.

 62. It was the moment of my life to buy a new antique car.

63. I have a beautiful girlfriend, and she's my only car and my only one.

64. I'm in love with the car I have.

65. My lifeline, who is going to be with me until death

66. I treat my vehicle as a child,

67. My family has five members: mom, dad, sister, me, and my car.

68. There's a boyfriend in my car, named after oil,

69. My car is a living being, and I can only talk to her.

70. I feel relaxed in my car, even though it's a Ferrari or a Ford.

71. Someone asked me who my crush is. I answered a flat red Ferrari in a shallow voice.

72. The vintage car itself is a great mystery,

73. I wash like I'm doing her romance.

74. There's a lot of tension. But it all goes off when I drive my car.


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