Short and deep meaning selfie captions for Instagram 


Though a photograph can say a million words, a caption can enhance a photo by creating a story, giving reasons, or adding an element of mystery. Similarly, Instagram captions can significantly trend your Instagram post. If you prefer a dark night selfie over a typical day, then you have some sort of in-depth and impressive captions for your Instagram post.

For your selfies in the dark nights, you'll discover some of the best Instagram captions. To see the difference in your posts' performance, feel free to copy-and-paste the ones you like and then review your Instagram analytics.


  1. You can see a star only at night.👭
  2. Cold frizzy nights and the faded smile😇.
  3. You shine in the dark. 
  4. In the night, we lost ourselves.
  5. Love dark nights.
  6. Nights and loneliness.
  7. A good night with my love.  
  8. Make the most of tonight and think about all of this tomorrow.
  9. Seeking comfortable nights.
  10. A perfect night with a little lipstick and champagne. 
  11. Dark but calming.
  12. Chill nights and good friends, and the vibes are mellow.
  13. Capture shine from stars.
  14. Black nights and your thoughts.
  15. Miss you more at cozy nights.
  16. Bright lights and late nights are my love.  
  17. I found that sometimes darkness shines. 
  18. Late-night chillouts.
  19. Stars kissing the moon.
  20. Nights without you.
  21. Only I can see the darkness in my nights.
  22. Love u like a summer night.
  23. Here's the night we spent alone.
  24. We all share the same sky.
  25. Be dark as night.
  26. Cuddle yourself.
  27. Late-night coffee.
  28. See the brightness in the dark.
  29. Fuck life and enjoy the night.
  30. Brighter nights than ever.
  31. May this night never end.
  32. Only darkness can prevail in the brightness. 
  33. Relax Darling!
  34. Feel the silence of the night.
  35. Forget what happened and enjoy the night.
  36. The sun has to drown for the moon.
  37. The light of the moon is inside you.
  38. Surrounded by darkness.
  39. Long dark nights.
  40. Only you can ignite the darkness.
  41. To rule the light, you must head the dark first.
  42. Darkness cannot suppress your inner glow.  
  43. Moon can be seen only at night.
  44. Never curse the darkness. Light a candle instead.
  45. Living in the darkness down there.
  46. In the dark, light is prettiest.
  47. To glow, be whoever you are. 
  48. In a dark world, it's hard to be a bright light. 
  49. Remembering the cozy night spent with you.
  50. At night, I am so cool.
  51. In love with the moon.
  52. No matter what the night looks like, the sun will take your fear away.
  53. In the darkness, you are my sunshine.
  54. The better half of life is night.
  55. Nights in winter are fun.
  56. Smile babe! You look gorgeous at night.
  57. For all the singles lying in beds alone.
  58. Cozy nights, cappuccino, and you.
  59. When it was a dense and dark night.
  60. Let it go.
  61. Through the night, embrace your dreams.
  62. Born to stand out
  63. Fell the sadness of the night.
  64. Now, look at me!
  65. What you made me.
  66. I can show you the stars.
  67. Loving yourself is the best.
  68. Late-night chillout alone.
  69. I can only see the darkness inside and outside me.
  70. Lost in the dreams.

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