51+ Popular And Trending Rap Music Lyrics Caption For Instagram

Rap music lyrics caption -Find your favorite One

Rap has become a form of music that is witnessing a new sensation and has started a new culture not only in the music industry but also on social media platforms.

Rap Music Lyrics Caption For Instagram

Rap is defined as “a type of popular music recited rapidly and rhythmically over an instrumental backing.”

Nowadays Rap lyrics are commonly used as Instagram captions. Below is an over list of "great rap lyrics about love" for Instagram captions.

Best Rap Music Lyrics For Captioning For Your Picture

1. This is it, last time done here 

    Drama is your hometown, but no I'm no from here.

2. Make it look effortless

   I am really that hot

   Bumbling the fugees I'm coming weather

   You ready or not, You can't hide from it 

   Writer- Nigel Hess 

3. One day were gonna 

   look at our pictures and reminisce 

   Crazy all the things 

   You do to me, just a little kiss

4. When I think about you

   Baby you know it hurts

   Cause baby girl you more

   Than just a part of me

5. “It’s destiny that we connected girl. 

     You and I we can affect the world. 

     I‘m tired of the fast lane, 

    I want you to have my last name.”

6.  “Don’t give up.

      You’ve got a reason to live. 

     Can’t forget you only get what you give.”

 – New Radicals “You Get What You Give”

7. “If you admire someone,

     you should go ahead and tell them. 

     People never get the flowers while they can still smell them.”

   Kanye West

8. “You plus me, it equals better math.

     Ya boy a good look, but she my better half.”

9. “Precious times, hoping they won’t end

     Tell you mother ‘bout your lover

     Also your best friend

    Ya mighty proud while you’re holding her hand.”

10. “Last night I saw you in my dreams, 

       now I can’t wait to go to sleep.”

      –Kanye West, Hey Mama

11. Shit I'm just tryna get it started like the 

     number one

     Like somebody proceed with caution 

     Writer- Nigel Hess

12 . You are the reason, Why I'm smiling..

      Every start of the day 

     And I hope you know I mean it every time 

    That I say….

    Artist- Droopy

13. "At time we was off

      I was scared to show

     You now wanna you until 

     I can't hold you without you"...

14. “Forgive but don’t forget girl,

       keep ya head up. And when he tells you you ain’t nothing don’t believe him, 

       and if he can’t learn to love you, 

       you should leave him.” – Tupac

15. I'm a freek-a-leek (oh)

     But i can't let a break nigga beat (No)

     Know we from the streets (yeah)

    So when you see me Nigga don't speak (Shh)

16. Cover me, all you are

      Over me your signature.

17. I'll take a break

      For goodness sake

     I promise I want make 

     The same old mistake

18. "My name is printed on a golden chain

My name is framed in my lamborghini and private plane"

19. I can swear I can joke 

      I say what's on my mind

      If i drink, if i smoke 

      I keep up with the guys  

     Writer-Maggi Lindemann

20. I can't do this on my own

      Ayy no Ayy

Someone watchin this shit

      Close Yep Close

Artist- Drake 

21. I spent last night 

      On the last flight to you

      Took a whole day up

      Trying to get way up.

22. Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl

      I let my tape rock 'til my tape popped

23. I let my tape rock 'til my tape popped

      Smokin' weed and bamboo, sippin' on private stock

24. "Remember the days you was dead broke

        But now you style and I raised you

        Basically made you into a don"

25. If you don't know better ask somebody

      Watch your man hit the deck like pang pang        pang….

26. I won't forget you girl

     You left all alone

     And i hate that 

     I Love you girl..

27. Cause i don't really

      Know how to tell you

     Without feeling much worse…

28. You know you love me I know you care

     Just shout whenever and I'll be there

     Artist- Justin Bieber

29. 'Cause I'm at my limit 

     And in just one minute

     You gonna be visitin'

     Heaven but might 

     Not get in it.

     Artist- Blackpink

30. "Doing a buck in my latest drop

       I got stopped by a lady cop

       Ha Ha… she got me thinking I can date a cop".

31. Silky, milky, her smile is like sunshine

     That’s why I had to dedicate at least one rhyme

32. Put down your bags love

      I know in the past love

     Has been sort of hard on you

     But I see the God in you

     I just want to nurture it

     Though this love may hurt a bit

33. "The name is Spliff baby I’ll make you man hate me

       Cause my shit’s steak and gravy plus my pipe gettin crazy baby"

34. “Started building with her constantly around the clock,

       now she’s in my world like hip hop.”

35. I wanna she inside. Would you let me

     see beneath your beautiful tonight….

36. I wanna get you home and give your ting a thumping

     I carve the pussy up like I’m cutting pumpkin

     Pussy like the English channel every time I jump in (splash)

37. I'm gonna love you

      My baby don't you know

      Squeeze you and hold you tight

      Loving you is all I want now

      Honey gonna make you feel right

      You know I need you so

      Listen baby

38. And once I entered your mind I wouldn’t wanna stop

      Caressin’ ya thoughts till we was thinkin’ the same

      Calm ya nerves, massage ya brain

39. Make decisions, I wanna play with your permission

     Gimme that kitty, girl, wash the dishes

     Now spread them legs, call it long division

     That pussy taste like Woah, Woah

40. Gonna find a way to you

      There's nothin' else I want to do

41. "The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, 

       the story of love is hello and goodbye…until we meet again” ― Jimi Hendrix

42. Since we met it’s been you and I

     A tear for a tear, baby eye for an eye

    And you know that my heart gon’ cry

    If you leave me lonely

    Cuz you not just my love you my homie — Ja Rule ft. Vita, “Put It On Me”

43. Look I don’t trust nobody like I trust you

      I know you’ll never hurt me ’cause it will hurt you

      Everybody turn they back on me but you

44. “Since we met it’s been you and I

       A tear for a tear, baby eye for an eye.

       And you know that my heart gon’ cry.

      If you leave me lonely, cuz you not just my love you my homie.”

45. Whip it up, whip it up baby that lamboo 

      Droppin the chopper, i be too hot to handle

46. What if i told you everytime I look around

     I see yo face  infront me, I call you out loud

47. You was all on my conscience,

      so i let these street lights guide me  

     And i follow them blindly 

     in hopes that i can find me

48. I feel we crossed paths at the wrong side

     We fell in love at the wrong time 

     Too many break ups too many make ups 

     Just to pretend like it's alright

49. This is, last time, done here

      Drama is your hometown

     But no i am not from here

50. Girl, I know you want me

     As i saw you fell in love 

     You know, believe me….

51. See me skirt skirt with it,

     watch him go go get it

     So hot so hot what the sause get to dropping now lick…

52. There was not a single thing, 

      I wouldn't have done,,,, 

      I even told her to choose her pick…

53. Imma takes what's mine so get out my way 

      Ain't got time i go hard and slay

54. "You're everything that I dream about,

      talk about/Walk around and brag about, 

      cause I don't give a damn about/What they say, 

      what he say, or she say/I'm addicted like drugs to your loving, 

      but hey/You got me strung like I'm young and it's crazy."


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