Enjoy Your Midnight With These Trendy Captions


Thousands of words are spoken through pictures, but sometimes it takes some text to make it more beautiful and let the world know what you feel about that photo. The easiest way to explain the story behind the pic in short captions may be to compose a decent caption. 

If you are fond of taking midnight selfies or need to post a midnight selfie, then posting it on your Insta would require a catchy caption.

With a list of our favorite midnight selfie captions, we're kicking you off, ones that take the mickey out of the platform itself!


  1. Bring on the night.
  2. I want your midnights.
  3. Who said nights were for sleep?
  4. Chasing midnights.
  5. Kiss me at midnight, please.
  6. Dance until midnight, sleep until noon.
  7. The moon and midnight made me do it.
  8. Leaving glitter and moonlight wherever I go.
  9.  Shine like a sun at midnight.
  10. The moon is as lonely as me.
  11. We're all like a full moon.
  12. You are my moon and all my stars.
  13. The moonlight drowns out the brightest stars.
  14. In your light and dark times, be the moon.
  15. Born for the midnight pursuit.
  16. That's the moon, darling.
  17. The moon is here.
  18. To the moon and back, I love you.
  19. Because the moon and I are in love.
  20. I'm as old as the stars and the moon.
  21. No one sees stars in the presence of the moon.
  22.  Like a full moon.
  23. Make it dark
  24. The tales are light.
  25. In a world so dim, light is precious. 
  26. Develop some light.
  27. The Baby Bat 
  28. Screamed out in horror
  29. Turn the darkness on
  30. I fear the sun.
  31. Be the one whose light has no turn off mode.
  32. Leave a little sparkle.
  33. My light, which shines from within, cannot be dimmed by anything.
  34. A little magic will go a long way for you.
  35. The universe needs your light.
  36. Shine like it's your entire world.
  37. Time to snuggle up in bed and tightly hug the sheets.
  38. Have the sweetest dreams tonight.
  39. Wake in your hearts with love and happiness.
  40. Close your eyes and see the realm of dreams.
  41. Let the light of darkness shine.
  42. The light of a thousand moons is inside you.
  43. Be the light that helps to see others.
  44. Light up the dark.

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