66+ Evil Names For PUBG- Be Unique With These Names

PUBG is an online multiplayer best battle royal game for Android which has three versions of PUBG. It's developed in South Korean video games and with the partnership is a Chinese company. One of the most addictive and famous games all over the world and if we’re talking about India then even if you play this game or not, you must be knowing about it from your friends or others! As the name suggests it’s all about fighting a battle and you can do that with your friends being a team. PUBG is one of the best-selling, highest-grossing, and most-played video games of all time.

PUBG player names are very important for showoff, we found the best evil name for PUBG for you. Friends!! If you are finding the best Evil name for PUBG, then you come to the right place, b'coz here I've shared some Evil names for PUBG, Which you can use any of them and make your profile more different from others. By the way, if you are ready to change your name from boring to different, then we have given you here the cool, best PUBG names for boys and girls. 

Best Evil Name For PUBG

Bladder Team

Dark Devil

PUBG Rowdy

Savage Demon


Demoniac Team 

Mortaly Blood

Butcher Blast

Dragon Fry

PUBG Night

Dark Exile

Heart Killer

Bloody Minded

Immoral Shape

Fight Club

Brownie Strangler

The Dark World

The Voldemort

TheDarth Vader

The Joker^•^ 

The Anton§Chigurh


Hisoka The Evilness

Demon Kong

Vampiric Devil 

The God of Title

Game Stricker

Horrible Lords

PUBG Squad

Game Thrones

PUBG Odyssey

Boy's Evil names for PUBG 

Here's a list of Evil names for PUBG which you can easily copy-paste.

Insane buddie

Irresistible dizzy

@Anton Chigurh

Vicious addict

Jack Torrance_Sin

Malicious Butchers


Frank Costellosin

Evil Dead


Agent47 aaHere


Villainous Tommy DeVito

Venom King of pubg

Deuces Nibba

Icarus romeo

Paladin bravely

Nimbus Gamer

North West Ripper

Vega Bluster

Ferryman Devilishness


Zeus Bluster

Plasmid Boss

Moors Stalker Hunter

Kill Spree

Only 1Piece

Shooter Killer

The Perfect smoker

International khiladi

Meet Cutter

Result without justice

Mortal Lords

Deadly Person

Attack on Avengers

Cyclone Victims

Left Goodness

Flirty Devils

Chicken fry lover

Virus of PubJesus

God of PUBG🙏

The terror of Rayburn

Venice Slayer

Tesla Enormity

Devilishness Charm

Evilness Hacker

Immortal Warrior

Death Profile

Irregular discipline

Distract Glamour

Cloudy Devilry

Black Soul

Fetal Poison

Minded Villain

King of Fire

Mr. Lethal 

Stupendous Vile

Plain Missprevilige

Zoulous Gamer

Demonicx Criminal

Defective Skull






It's Hooligans

Inimical Fond

Verified Page

Bold Bloody

Psycho Genesis

Bitch Hunter

Dark Bull

Girl's Evil names for PUBG 

Here are the best Girl's Evil Names for PUBG that's a unique Name for girls. So, copy the Names for PUBG from the list and paste it on your account name in PUBG.

The Sharp Knife

Evil Faces

Maddy Charm

The Invisible Life

Sniper Girl

Blackx Diamond

Acid Sequence

Poison Darter

Overawe Point


Girl's Of Evilness

Destructive Damsel

Lady Hunter

Heinous Lassie

Unpleasant Juvenile

Inhumanity Senorita

Offence Querida

Horror Bairn

Brat Criminal

Minor Corrupt

Wench Power

Steady State

Charter Fight

Hateful Status

Malicious Batchelor

PUBG Heroin

Dexterous Of PUBG

The Lady Gaga

Down to earth

Treasure of Darkness



Dierdre Princess

Aboddon Damsel

Brutality Girl

Bandit Name

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