43+ Best And Flirting PUBG pick up lines

Pubg pick up lines for your next Game

Best And Flirting PUBG pick up lines

PUBG Mobile is one of India’s most popular games at the moment. However, It's not only a video game  PubG, It is also a great place for people to connect as we can add our real life friends into our friends list. A pubG video game is the only game, where vegetarians also enjoy chicken dinner. Here are top PUBG pick up lines that you can use to impress anyone or start a conversation with them.

• It seems that if we finish pubG, then pubG will make me finish.

• If you're not a chicken dinner, then I never get you.

• When war is terrorism, how can you war terrorism.

• Are you stinky? Because I’d love to drop in your pochinki.

• Whenever poor food is done in the hostel, we will play pubG but we will get chicken dinner.

• Stay slow, go fast, kill first, die last one shot, one kill, no luck, all skill.

• PubG that's not only a video game because it's my identity.

• Are you a crepe drop? I'd die for you.

• My Favorite place to ride a Bike is Miramar.

• Are you fragging me? Because I'm hunting on PubG.

• If you're not know the rules of PubG- just kill without any Mercy.

• If you think you're a bad boy but you are right I'm your Dad.

• I'm lost, coz I'm vegetarian. No winner, no dinner in gaming time.

• Listen miss! Who desires to fight should first count the price of death because I'm so dangerous.

• Are you prone? I'm the basis of the game .

• If you play with a gun, you'll end up then. If you play with a pubG, you'll free up. 

• It's not only a game because pubG is my new girlfriend.

• Are you a hacker? Because this game isn't relaxing.

• I'm not an army man but I'm a very good player of pubG.

• I'm a rider, now I'm hanging on a parachute to jump on earth to save complete strangers, imagine what I would do for this game.

• PubG players are always in heat.

I want weapons because I like to fly over.

• When someone says to stop playing Pubg, ask them what could better make you feel alive.

• I don't play the game of love because I'm busy playing pubG.

• Do you know? Noobs can hide and play but reel winners can destroy everything.

• Are you an owl(bird)? Because you are always awake until 12 'O' clock.

• Remember the feeling when you have 8× and your friend has a sniper, but no one agrees to give.

• Run before Airdrop, not girls it's my slogan..

• AWM is red and kar98 is blue. I love my level 3, Helmet is my clue.

• Life is like a PUBG game, it knocks you down but your loved ones will always be there to revive you!

• I can live without a girl but I can't live without pubG which gives me energy.

• Is a pubG my oxygen level? Because without pubG my energy level is down.

• I'm not mad, I'm only pubG lover.

• Don’t ask anyone to stop playing Pubg, because it’s not just a game for everyone.

• I want a girl who never stops me from playing Pubg, rather force me to lend pochinki but it's difficult.

• The extra energy required to make another effort is the secret of winning.

• Life is like a pubG game, it knocks you down but your loved ones will always be there to revive.

• Do you know? We are born to play pubG.

• When someone says to stop playing Pubg, ask them what could better make you feel alive.

• All my games are my favorite but most of them are only pubG.

• Life without games would be like a barren land.

I want to play this game every time but without scolding anyone.

If the pubG is any pain for someone but it's my painkiller.

When war is terrorism, how can you war terrorism?

Listen to one thing baby!! If pubG is my life so you are my phone.

This is so amazing- I just watch the game of pubG, no matter what type of fighting it is, but I enjoy it.

Best pubG pick up lines

I hope this pick up line will be charming and the best of pubG which will impress anyone. Read the best pick up lines and use them well!

• I'm a good boy, but when I'm in pubG then I feel an armies. 

• Ohh Girl!! Life was incomplete, until Pubg arrived.

• 8X Scope is King & Kar98 is Queen, without each other they are nothing..

• If yes, give me weapons because I'm also a PUBG lover and doing something special today about the PUBG game.

• You're more combatant than a 5 alarm.

• When I play pubG, I feel like I can beat everyone.

• Do you know you are the leader of the game but you are afraid of your dad.

• Trust me, I’m not drunk; I’m just intoxicated by pubG.

• Hi, my name is Watts Warriors, but you can call me something.

• It says that legends never die, whether it is pubG or other games.

• Best thinks for PUBG play better, win it better.

• Is your Slogan? One shot, one kill. No luck, only skills.

• Can I play with you? No baby!! The game is still fun, but not for everyone

Flirting PubG pick up lines

Are you looking for flirting pick-up lines to pubG guys who need something witty and cheesy? In this article, I've suggested some pick up lines which can help you flirt with friends so enjoy it.

• Would you want a parking ticket? Cause you're a pubG player.

• Do you like fine wine? Because you are fond of chicken dinner after pubG. 

• I believe in following my dreams. Can I join the indian Air force.

• Can I wear a uniform as a Indian air force? Because I'm fighting with enemies on PubG.

• If you're a vegetarian, then after winning in pubg,How will you Dinner chicken?

• If I had not given you 6x scope, then will you kill me?

• I've a best suggestion for vegetarian pubGious, There would be paneer instead of chicken in dinner.

• Are you an indian army? Don't be misunderstood, it's just a game and you are the only player.

• There are no girls in the life of Pubg pro players, because they are scared  of Nub.

• Sometimes we think that pubg boys are good people. They don't disturb any others.

• You don't compare me with tik tok because this game does not stop, maybe Ban.

• Kids go to school, girls are shooting tik tok and men go to military bases.

• Are you Batulins? So, bring my earring which is just lost somewhere.


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