Tomato Pick up Lines- Funny and Tomato Sauce

Show Your love With Tomato Using These Pick up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and curious pick up lines which may be very helpful. I've included here killer pick up lines when you start a conversation with someone. These catchy pick up lines remind us that we are never really alone. If your pick up lines stress less, so post away to someone. Yeah, Absolutely! to work best as pick up lines so let's start ado- 

Do you like fruits? I love my head tomatoes.

You make everything taste better just like tomatoes.

Hey! Do you like tomato ketchup? Cause I'd like ketchup😋 everytime.

Call me your covid19 vaccine, I'll be safe coz I would take more salads.

Do you know what will suit you the best? My choices. 

Hey you are looking different, yeah caz I've taken tomato flavour massage.

Patience is bitter but this fruit made me robust.

I heard you are a ketchup lover. I guess we are compatible people.

Your look is killer, of course I had ketchup for breakfast.

Have you gone the right path? I've no. Cause, There is not available my favourite flavour.

Are you blushing? Oh yeah! Cause I saw salad in the kitchen.

Did you know I like ketchup bottles? Cause I'm a fan of this.

Whenever I've cooked something, I want more tomatoes.

Hey, do you like ketchup? Cause you look skinny and shiny.

If you were a fine-apple so I were a tomato ketchup.

I like red, because tomato ketchup is red.

Do you like ketchup cause I'd like to marry you.

I like tomatoes and also ketchup.

You are as tangled as salad cause I could never understand you.

Do you know, I want to share a morning breakfast with tomato ketchup.

A garden is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes.

If you’re a fruit? Then you’d be a tomato cause your rights are sure.

Why am I feeling thirsty? I think I just need delicious tomato soup.

To take a ketchup everyday is no less than an adventure.

If I was a fruit fly, I would land on you first cause you look like red.

Funny tomato pick up lines

Tomato is mostly everyone's likely and maximum use in the kitchen for veggies, salads, and more… but friends here I've suggested some funny tomato pick up lines if you're interested please scroll down.

How do you fix a broken tomato? Tomato paste.

Tomatoe's identity crisis: Cause it's both a fruit and vegetable.

Tomato and cherry: Both names are of my love.

I love you from my head tomatoes.

Do you like tomatoes? Cause the secret to living is giving.

You might already know, but your tomatoes are too juicy.

Do you know? I'm a doctor and people used to call me Dr. Ketchup. 🤣 

I've got nothing to do today, but I smile cause I've ketchup.

If you were a tomato, I would cut you smoothly with a knife.

I fell in love with your sensational potatoes.

I loved to eat salad because it's a healthy diet.

Dear! Aren't you spicey? Cause you give me heartburn.

I'm so lucky coz, I get my favourite breakfast in the morning.

Can you spot me? I'm the one who likes tomato flavour.

What's do today? You don't never stop, which makes you happy.

Can you tell me your name? I can read everything and also your choice, Coz you're a tomato lover.

Guys! you are like tomatoes, you make everything better.

Hey girl! Do you know you are glowing? Coz, your face is like a mirror which reflects moonlight.

Do you have wifi? Cause you understand what I ate.

I do not think it is possible but you are more spicy than all the tomato ketchup in the world.

Tomato sauce pick up line

Here I'm bringing up the best tomato sauce pick up lines that will be helpful for all. Well! To start a new conversation with your love ones then you use a pickup lines and I'm sure it will be a good starting-

You must be a ketchup coz I'm satisfied.

If tomatoes are fruit, Is ketchup jam?

Are you tomato sauce? I wanna to eat you.

Don't say tomato ketchup cause let's call the whole thing off.

Are you tomato ketchup? Cause I wanna stick my fries.

Are you ketchup? Coz every time I want you I get spicy.

Tomatoes are always better cause you can mix up everything.

Can I tell you a secret? I know what your choices are.

You are the surprise I wanted to get more than I wanted a burger with sauce.

I have only two weaknesses: tomato pieces with burgers and resisting you.

If you were tomatoes, I'd add in salads.

I am only satisfied for the day because of a ketchup like you.

If you have a favorite alphabet, that's ‘T’.

Are you a bank loan? Cause you're my interest.

Do you know? Like tomato sauce is enough for my diet, well! You are so.

You could never be a tomato sauce, cause you're a soft hearted person.

I am always ready for something like ketchup like you.

Hey baby, can you be spicy with tomato sauce?

I love you more cause, I love red and that is saying something.

Is your name spicy because you absolutely are.


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