Messages for ex girlfriend to make her cry

Messages for ex-girlfriend to make her cry

After being in a beautiful relationship with your girlfriend, sometimes things may fall apart. If you want to make her cry messages for your ex-girlfriend– this blog is a place where you miss him now. You will understand the pain of a broken heart if you have been betrayed. The beginning of a relationship can be a lot of fun, but sometimes the relationship is not too good because of misunderstanding or anything. 

If you want to make her feel past, send the messages so that she could feel your love. 

To get her to respond emotionally, you can send a heartfelt text of your own that really makes her feel your love. These messages will make her feel special but she was not worth it. Although everyone deserves to hear the truth and admire it. 


Best Messages for ex girlfriend to make her cry

I will never forget your giving warm hugs and your soul touching memories.

I can't stop thinking about you. 

I hope you'll give me another chance.

I were totally filled with your love

But you were not probably comfortable with me. 

Even now I miss your smile.

Darling! Let me tell you a secret.

in my heart,

You are connected with my heart and soul.

You accomplish my lifestyle so I'll be striving that you always stay in my mind. 

I think when you were in my life

That I ever called you forever friend but whenever you left me I don't know how to miss you yet. 

When I was with you, I felt lucky. 

All my friends are jealous of me because I've you.

I think you did pretend to like everything when you used to care and love. I didn't feel that you would do something that would always be my soul. 

You look so beautiful and pretty that you'll never forget. I have always been caring and loving. 

I'm really glad when I see your selfies and I also feel that looks continue. I always miss your crazy love.

I hope nobody likes you the way I do, always missing your care and feelings. If everything could be the same. 

Even if you're not in contact me

But I always wish you the best. 

Always be happy.

I don’t blame myself for falling in love with you. 

After all, my eyes could only see how beautiful you are. 

It was my bad luck that our relationship did not last longer.

My stomach was full of butterflies when you touched me.

Without you my life is none, you filled up to love my life and made me the happiest person in the world.

My life is a beautiful medley of smiles and priceless memories,

 when I loved you from the bottom of my heart. 

But now I'm feeling better with memories.

My greatest desire was to drown in you,

So that my friends could not find us. 

I gave you more love and in return you gave me incomplete love. 

But I'm happy because I really loved you. 

The longer we are apart, the stronger my love for you becomes.

Because I feel every moment spent with you.

You made me feel that true love and trust are the weaknesses. 

But don’t worry, one day you will feel that what you repudiated in life. 

I will always treasure your concern and caring. 

Whether you didn't catch up with my feelings but I always will. 

Your voice reminds me

My true love.

Your smile is my favorite thing in this world.

 I always miss you.

I'm having one of those days that made me realize you were everything in my life which I can't forget. 

I don't need any special reason to say that I adore you.

When you come into my life,

You turned it upside down 

I got to another beautiful world.

I hope this feeling will last forever.

Whether you left me, 

but I will always remember you. 

You lift me up and hold me down, you make me smile when I'm feeling down but all things are my sweet memories. 

When I met you I had no idea 

You would become the most significant person in my life. 

And now let's enjoy this day. 

Hii! I miss you dear.

I hope that my message and coffee will be missed by you. 

I wish you always a pleasant day and best wishes that I love you. 

Whenever you look in the mirror, you will get my picture.

The time will stop for a moment,

When you miss me. 

Some people come into life for a few days and then leave alone. 

When I'm with you, I'm on cloud nine.

Sincerely I want this feeling to be endless so I miss you. 

You are perfect but not for me

Because love is patient but I'm not. 

When I wake up and 

see you lying next to me.

I can't help but smile. 

It's my dream,

 When I will be with you. 

Whatever I'm because of you.

You are my strength and inspiration.

Seeing your face my whole day keeps going on very well. 

No one can place of you 

I always miss your humbleness and cuteness. 

There is nothing wrong with expressing our feelings.

But you couldn't understand my feelings. 

If I were in your place, I would not have done the same. 

Still feel for you, Do you know? 

I may not have words to show,

But i still love you a lot,

I still miss you a lot,

Waiting for you. 

You know when I close my eyes

I get the flashes of you.

Your touch that used to entice all the memories comes in front and I realize that I lost through, I'm sure I still love you. 

Since you left my life, 

I've always pretend that 

All was well I know deep inside of me that you have left inside me a hollow that can't be filled any other person.


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